Clemson's Finest Dining Tradition

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Clemson’s Finest

Dining Tradition

Welcome to Rick Erwin's Clemson

Rick Erwin’s Clemson has become a local favorite for fine dining, an extensive wine list, and a casual bar shoulder-to-shoulder with familiar faces. Upon entering our restaurant, you’ll find yourself immersed in Clemson tradition and greeted like you’re family. Welcome to Rick Erwin’s Clemson.

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A letter

From Rick Erwin

Where guests feel at home and locals feel like family.

I have been a fan of Clemson athletics since I was a child, however, more than sports- I have loved Clemson, South Carolina. I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to replicate what our customers have grown to love about our Greenville restaurants, and create a similar (and unique) restaurant in Clemson. I wanted to create an atmosphere where locals felt like family and traveling guests felt at home.
While our restaurants have been known for the best steaks and seafood, you’ll also find a menu that is a reflection of southern tradition and upscale favorites. It would be our pleasure and honor to host you either to celebrate a Tiger win, your next special night out, or drinks with friends in the bar!
Rick Erwin — Owner
Buttermilk pancakes
pancakes with vanilla cream
Smoked salmon
salmon fish with poached egg
Crumbled soft eggs
crumbled eggs with mushrooms
European breakfast
eggs, bacon, tomato and toast
Spaghetti ala marinara
spaghetti with marinara sauce
Range pork cotoletta
pork meat with spicy sauce
Pepper steak
beef, rice, onion and red bell pepper
Handcut french fries
potatoes, canola, crab oil seasoning
Basil salad
olive oil, red tomatoes, basil leaves
Chopped salad
lettuce, oregano, salami, artichoke
Charred octopus
octopus, paprika, coriander
Whipped cod roe
white bread, salted cod roe, lemon
Duck ravioli
flour, eggs, duck, ricotta
Orange creme brulee
eggs, sugar, flour, oranges
Carrot pudding
sugar, flour, cinnamon, carrot

We Love

Our Guests!

“We celebrated our Anniversary last night and everyone was so kind and friendly! They made our night special by seating us in a cozy booth and even made us an anniversary card signed by the staff. Thank you all for that special touch! Now about the wonderful food. We both had the Surf & Turf which was outstanding and the chocolate cake with ice was hit! Thank you all again for the very personable service and delicious meal!!”
Don Chai
April 7, 2017
“Whenever you are in the Clemson area, you need to make it a must to go and dine @ Rick Erwins…you will not be disappointed. The area they are located in, Patrick Square, is a very nice location. You have got to spoil yourself with this fine dining establishment.”
Keith Moody
March 28, 2019

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Opening hours
Mo-Sa: 4-10pm
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